21 New Year’s Resolutions for 2021

Don’t have a New Year’s resolution for 2021 yet? No problem! Here are some ideas: Exercise three times a week. Choose one day of the week to go vegetarian. Finish that paint-by-numbers kit that you started during the beginning of quarantine. Learn at least one song on the banjo. Meditate for at least ten minutesContinue reading “21 New Year’s Resolutions for 2021”

Uninspired Blogger Discusses her Spiral into Self-Doubt

In August, we reported the story of a 20-something year old white girl who started a blog. We decided to catch up with her and see how the blog was progressing. After many failed attempts at contact through email, phone calls, text messages, instagram DM’s, snapchats, facebook messages, tweets, and carrier pigeons, the blogger finallyContinue reading “Uninspired Blogger Discusses her Spiral into Self-Doubt”

65 Things He’s Probably Doing Instead of Texting You Back

We’ve all been there, ladies. Whether you’re courting a new fella or have been dating one for months, there will be a time, if not many times, when he isn’t texting you back. This might propel some of you into a downward spiral of obsessive thoughts. What is he actually doing? Is he with someoneContinue reading “65 Things He’s Probably Doing Instead of Texting You Back”

Get Motivated to Run with These 7 Tricks

Maybe you’d like to start running for the first time, but you just aren’t motivated enough to get off the couch. Or, perhaps you’re a seasoned runner who’s grown tired of the same old routine, and you just aren’t motivated enough to continue. No matter what stage of the running game you’re at, it canContinue reading “Get Motivated to Run with These 7 Tricks”