Get Motivated to Run with These 7 Tricks


Maybe you’d like to start running for the first time, but you just aren’t motivated enough to get off the couch. Or, perhaps you’re a seasoned runner who’s grown tired of the same old routine, and you just aren’t motivated enough to continue. No matter what stage of the running game you’re at, it can be hard to stick to your goals. Where do you turn for inspiration?

Here’s what you can do to spice up your running routine and stay motivated.

1. Create a motivating fitness playlist (and update it frequently)

A woman on a run listening to her fitness playlist.
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Use your preferred music streaming site to create a fun, energizing running playlist. Try to select upbeat, positive songs (although if you are somehow motivated by a moody Adele ballad, feel free to include that as well). Update the playlist frequently so you don’t grow tired of it. Your runs will never be boring again!

2. Download a fitness app to track your runs and set goals

Person holds up smartwatch, ready to start a running app.
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There are many fitness apps out there for running. One of the most popular is Runkeeper. Open the app when you’re ready to run and hit “start”. The app will track your distance, time, pace, calories burned, etc. Just be sure to hit “stop” when you’re finished with your run! The app logs all of your past runs so that you can check your progress and set goals based on what you’d like to accomplish.

3. Run with a friend (ideally someone more advanced than you)

Two running buddies prepare to race.
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Some people prefer running alone, but those who need some extra motivation might opt for a running buddy. Set a weekly schedule for running with your pal and hold each other accountable to stick to it! Bonus points if your buddy is a little bit more advanced than you (you’ll be pushing yourself to stick to their pace throughout the run).

4. Hire a serial killer to chase you with an axe

A serial killer's axe sits on top of a tree stump.
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Some believe that fear is the greatest motivator. With an axe-wielding serial killer in tow, you will accomplish the quickest runs of your life. (Note: if you don’t know where to find a serial killer, contact us for more details). 

5. Tie your running buddy to the train tracks

Eerie, abandoned train tracks.
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Learn the train’s schedule. Tie your friend to the tracks in advance. Start running ___ miles away and make sure to reach the tracks just in time to untie your friend before its too late. (Note: not all running buddies will be okay with this. Make sure to get consent first. You might even want them to sign a contract.)

6. Buy some nice new running shoes or outfits for a confidence boost. 

A woman laces up her new running shoes.
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For new runners, it’s especially important to buy a nice pair of running shoes and athletic wear for optimal comfort. For experienced runners, refreshing your running wardrobe every so often will create excitement and give you a boost of confidence. Don’t forget to replace your running shoes every 300 to 500 miles for continuous comfort and support.

7. Follow fitness blogs to stay in touch with the running community

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It’s great to get in touch with other runners and have a community that inspires and motivates you. Seeing others posting about fitness and spreading words of encouragement might just get you up off the couch. Plus, you’ll have a place to go for all of your running-related questions. Here are some running blogs you might want to follow.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and start running!

Let us know which tricks you’d like to try in the comments below!

9 comments on “Get Motivated to Run with These 7 Tricks”

  1. I loved tip number four😜 and I was laughing hard at number five😂
    Thanks for these tips and thanks for bringing a bit more humor into my life💞
    Great post!


  2. The serial killer works every time. He’s a bit expensive and I got to tell you a little dangerous but… Ya gotta do whatcha gotta do.
    I’ve read studies where if you just “think about” running it’s almost like you are really running. I’m going with that approach. It seems safer…

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I *would* say we know the same guy. He was the one that always wore the mask, but these day! One just can’t tell… (one must laugh about it or they are sure to have a mental break down and be sent to a psych ward)


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