5 Cheap but Fun Weekend Getaways

We all deserve the occasional weekend getaway to destress from our day-to-day lives. There are plenty of cheap, fun getaways you can take right this minute.


We all deserve the occasional weekend getaway to destress from our day-to-day lives. However, between transportation costs, hotels, food, and more, vacations can cost an arm and a leg. No need to fret! There are plenty of cheap, fun getaways you can take right this minute.

Here are some ideas.

1. Your local 7/11 parking lot

7/11 parking lot at sunset.
Photo by Sanaan Mazhar on Pexels.com

Load up your car (or don’t) and head over to your local 7/11 parking lot for the weekend! Find a nice spot for plenty of people watching and easy access to a plethora of junk food options. The camping is free (just make sure someone stays awake at night to watch out for police or potential carjackers). 

Here’s a fun game to play: every time you spot a crackhead, yell “Crack-whack!” and whack the person next to you. Tally up how many “crack-whacks” you got at the end of the weekend. Whoever has the most wins a Twinkie or other 7/11 snack of their choosing!

2. Model home turned bed-and-breakfast

A couple wearing robes and drinking coffee at a bed-and-breakfast.
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

You know those brand new model homes that are beautifully decorated as if some HGTV home makeover show just had their way with it? That beautiful, elegant interior design that sadly, no matter how hard you try, will never be replicated in your own home?

Well, pack a bag, pull on up, and break in to one of those homes for the weekend! Just bring some eggs to fry up in the morning and you have your very own HGTV bed-and-breakfast!

Here’s a fun game: role-play as the type of people you imagine would live in that home for the entire weekend. Whoever has an existential crisis first wins!

3. Backyard camping

A couple pitch a tent on a camping trip.
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

If the other options are too sketchy for you, here’s a safe alternative. Why don’t you pitch a tent in your very own backyard and camp out for the weekend? For a more authentic experience, stay out of the house until the weekend’s over!

Here’s another fun challenge: utilize the local flora and fauna in your backyard as a food source for the weekend. Fresh raccoon or possum anybody?

4. Living room beach vacay

A woman with a drink on a poolside vacation.
This shot was taken artfully in Jen’s living room just minutes before the inflatable pool popped and flooded her apartment.
Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

Here’s another great option for those not wanting to leave their house: fill up an inflatable pool in your living room, stream some tropical footage on the tv, and boom! An inexpensive beach vacay. For some extra atmosphere, drink only margaritas and play nothing but Jimmy Buffet’s “Cheeseburger in Paradise” all weekend long. 

5. Almost as good as Disneyland 

Pluto the dog at Disneyland.
Photo by Craig Adderley on Pexels.com

Can’t afford those expensive, sky-rocketing Disney tickets? This is the vacay for you! 

Purchase a churro from Costco (or other churro-vendor of your choosing), stand outside the gates of Disneyland, and close your eyes. Listen to the sounds of pure joy floating around you: childhood laughter, zip-a-dee-doo-dah, childhood crying, feet tapping in a 2-hour waiting line. Smell the wafting scent of freshly-baked goods on main street (if you’re too far from main street, you can sniff your churro. you can also eat the churro if you want to). It’s almost better than actually being in the park. Imagination is priceless!

(insert Walt Disney quote about dreams and imagination here) 

Alternative option: eat a churro at home and watch some Disneyland ride footage on TV.

Got any other cheap vacay ideas? Which one of these are you excited to try? Comment below! 

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