Woman Embarks on Beach Vacay for Perfect Instagram Pic

“I was running out of ‘wish I were here’ TBT travel posts from when I studied abroad in Spain. I needed a new, fresh perspective.”

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Last Saturday, a 30-year old woman set out for a weekend away at a bed and breakfast on the coast. She went solo, unless you count her nearly 1,000 instagram followers, to whom she dedicated the trip.

“I just knew my followers needed some inspiring, uplifting content in these dire times. I could tell they were getting tired of morning shots of my home-brewed espresso or my usually popular snuggling-in-bed-with-the-dogs shots. I was running out of ‘wish I were here’ TBT travel posts from when I studied abroad in Spain. I needed a new, fresh perspective.” 

The woman found a bed and breakfast on the coast that, thankfully, was open for business with special precautions in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“I was bummed because they weren’t serving breakfast due to COVID-19, and I thought their avocado toast would make a really good instagram post.” The place was, however, still serving beds, as well as direct private beach access.

“I checked into my room, set my bags down, and immediately walked out to the private beach. The beach was so gorgeous; I felt super refreshed and inspired again. It was low tide, so I was able to walk right up to the water and let the waves caress my bare feet. Thankfully there was some dude surfing, so I politely asked him to snap a pic of me. ‘Nothing too complicated,’ I said. ‘I’ll just be doing my thing. I’m gonna pretend like you’re not even there.’ He took the first pic and showed it to me, but it was awful! I told him to try again. And again. And again. I got tired of asking him so I finally just said thank you, took my phone, and left.”

The woman returned to her room and spent nearly 2 hours choosing the best shot and the best filter. She spent another hour on the caption. Half an hour was spent raising her phone up and around the room, locating the best spot for the poor wi-fi. After the post went through, the woman immediately took it down after realizing she had selected the wrong filter. She posted it again with the correct filter and spent the remainder of her evening watching the likes flooding in. Currently, the post has received the most number of likes out of any of the woman’s posts in 2020. (The post with the most number of likes? A study abroad shot from Spain in 2014.)

Eye-witnesses claim the woman never left her room for the remainder of the weekend. 

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