5 Hallmark Film Plots to Inspire Your Next Career Move

Just got laid off? Deciding whether or not to take that job offer? Not sure how to make ends meet while waiting for your dream career to take off? Whatever the problem with your career seems to be, you might find inspiration from one of these Hallmark films.

1. A Royal Winter (2017)


In A Royal Winter, Maggie interviews for a demanding job at a big law firm. Unsure about the job and waiting for the firm to make its decision, Maggie does some soul-searching in Europe. In this European country that the Hallmark channel entirely made up, Maggie bumps into a man she later finds out to be the prince. They fall in love. Does Maggie accept the job at the law firm, or attend the coronation of her new boyfriend, the prince?

If you’re unsure about your next job offer, and whether or not the work is too demanding for you, it’s absolutely okay to take a trip to Europe for some soul-searching. Who knows, you might even meet a prince like Maggie and never have to work a day in your life again!

2. Love on the Sidelines (2016)


Laurel is an out of work aspiring fashion designer. Unable to make ends meet, she takes a job as a professional assistant for an injured football player who hates working with women, especially women who know nothing about football. Despite their differences, they fall in love, and Laurel ends up designing jerseys.

If you’re out of work, waiting for your dream career to take off, you might just need to take that unexpected job to pay the bills for now. You might know nothing about the industry, and your employer might hate you at first, but just give it time. It could be the next step into what you really want to do. Maybe you’ll even fall in love!

3. Stranded in Paradise (2014)


Tess was laid off from her job as a human resources professional. She attends a convention in Puerto Rico, hoping to find a new job. While there, she keeps bumping into Carter, a motivational speaker who can’t seem to settle down in one place. Sometime after a hurricane strikes, Tess receives an email from her former boss: the company is in turmoil without her and they want her back, this time as a Vice President! Oh yeah, she also falls in love with Carter.

If there’s something to learn from this film, it’s that sometimes it’s not until after you’re gone that people truly appreciate you. If you get laid off, your boss might actually realize how important you are and invite you to come back with an even higher up position! It all works out in the end, don’t fret.

4. A Valentine’s Match (2020)


After getting fired from her job as a TV host, Natalie returns to her hometown for a Valentine’s Day festival. Little does she know, her mother is scheming up a plan to get Natalie back together with her ex-fiance. Their flame reignites as they plan the auction for the town festival together.

When you’re in between jobs, it’s a good idea to spend some time back home and re-evaluate all of your past decisions. Your mom might be able to lend some advice. Is there an ex you might still have feelings for? Now’s the time to give it another shot! Your career can wait.

5. Christmas at Cartwright’s (2014)


With the help of an Angel, unemployed mom Nicky gets a job as a department store Santa so that she can buy plenty of Christmas presents for her daughter. She also meets the love of her life.

If you are broke and unemployed, don’t be afraid to take a temporary gig to get back on your feet. Pay attention to what’s really in demand right now. Even though Nicky was a woman, she was able to get a job as Santa because it was the Holiday Season, a time when department store Santas are in high demand. Granted she got the job with the help of an angel, but you never know. There could be an angel right around the corner waiting to give you your next job!

Are you inspired yet? If nothing else, maybe take some time off from your job search to watch one of these mindlessly entertaining flicks.

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