65 Things He’s Probably Doing Instead of Texting You Back


We’ve all been there, ladies. Whether you’re courting a new fella or have been dating one for months, there will be a time, if not many times, when he isn’t texting you back. This might propel some of you into a downward spiral of obsessive thoughts. What is he actually doing? Is he with someone else? Does he still like me? I’m here to tell you: fear not! The reality is, he is a human being who has a life of his own, separate from yours, and he’s probably just busy, putting the phone aside for a while. In case you don’t believe me, I’ve compiled a list of highly possible things he might be doing right now instead of replying to that text you sent hours ago.

  1. Sleeping
  2. Taking a really long shower
  3. Playing video games with the boys
  4. Cleaning his room
  5. Tuning his car
  6. Watching an intense film
  7. Having a deep conversation with his roommates
  8. Working out
  9. Actually, his phone probably just died.
  10. But wait, it says he was active on instagram five minutes ago.
  11. Let me see if he posted anything recently.
  12. His last post was of his burrito six days ago.
  13. Four comments on a burrito pic? Wow he’s popular.
  14. I wonder who commented.
  15. “OMG a burrito! Sooo jealous rn ;)” 
  16. Who the f*** is xoxorochelle369?!
  17. Damn, her profile is set to private.
  18. I wonder if she’s commented on any of his other pictures before.
  19. She’s commented on literally every post from the past year! 
  20. Ok, calm down. She’s probably just an old friend.
  21. Where were we?
  22. Taking his dog for a walk
  23. Cooking dinner
  24. Listening to a new album
  25. Reading a book
  26. Picking up some groceries
  27. PING!
  28. Hold on. I got a text! I wonder who it’s from! 😉
  29. Oh.
  30. Heh.
  31. Just my mom.
  32. She sent me a link to an article.
  33. “30 effective ways to stand out during the hiring process” 
  34. Ugh I’m trying really hard to find a job, Mom!
  35. I don’t even want to think about that right now. I’ll read it later.
  36. Oh yeah, back to the list.
  37. Ironing his clothes for work tomorrow
  38. Working on his novel
  39. Calling his grandparents
  40. Calling xoxorochelle369
  41. Inviting xoxorochelle369 over to…
  42. NO!
  43. I can’t take it. I’m over this.
  44. Seriously, why hasn’t he texted me back? It’s been 7 hours!
  45. I get that he’s busy but he can’t seriously be this busy.
  46. That’s it, I’m sending him one more text. 
  47. Heyy :)”
  48. Oh that’s good. 
  49. Not too desperate, perfectly friendly.
  50. Send.
  51. I need to do something to distract myself.
  52. Let me turn on the news.
  53. World War III Declared Today”
  54. Let me turn off the news.
  55. PING!
  56. I swear to god if it’s my mother telling me to get a job again…
  57. Connor: “Hey! Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you. I’ve been really busy working on my novel.
  58. I knew it!
  59. Unless by “novel” he means “xoxorochelle369”…

On second thought, you probably shouldn’t waste your time thinking about what he’s doing, but instead spend your time doing something really cool for yourself. Except, don’t watch the news. Maybe just read a book or something. 

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