7 Thoughtful and Romantic Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Your Lover

You will never forget the love you share for one another.


If you think it’s about time that you give something other than flowers and chocolates, read on!

(Note: I am not sponsored by any of these companies, but I would really like to be.)

1. Shutterfly photo book

Biracial family sits on couch, reading a photobook of memories.
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Put together a picture book with some of your favorite memories together. Share it for generations to come.

You will never forget the love you share for one another.

2. Matching undies

Female couple wearing matching underwear.
Photo by Laura Tancredi on Pexels.com

MeUndies is your go-stop-shop for adorably quirky matching underwear. Or, perhaps you’d prefer a more classic, solid look. Whatever you and your boo’s style, MeUndies has got you covered.

Might I add that they’re extremely comfortable?

3. Bond Touch Bracelet

Woman touches her smartwatch present that has a heart on it.
Photo by Artem Podrez on Pexels.com

Missing out on some quality time with your bae due to your hectic busy lives? Or perhaps you and bae are long distance, and are unable to share a loving touch very often. What you both need is a Bond Touch bracelet.

When you’re thinking of bae during the day, you can send messages to their bracelet with little vibrations. Let them know that you care about them even when you can’t spend time together!

4. Papa Johns Heart-Shaped Pizza

Male couple sit on couch, feeding each other pizza on Valentine's Day.
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

If your S.O. is more of a foodie, perhaps they’d appreciate a pizza pie in the shape of a heart? Simple, cheesy, delicious. You can’t go wrong with pizza.

5. A pillow with your face on it sewn from the fabric of one of your tshirts

Young woman sleeps on blue pillow gifted by her boyfriend.
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

This one works best for long distance relationships. Ensure that your boo is never lonely so long as they can cuddle up with a soft pillow that looks and smells just like you.

And, ensure that if your boo just so happens to be unfaithful towards you, you’ll be watching. You’re always watching.

Get yours today at Shutterfly!

6. Tickets to Monster Jam

Monster truck flies through the air at Monster Jam arena.
Max-D (Photo by Jason Twite)

Give your lover the sensations of a lifetime. When they enter that arena and hear the roaring engines, feel the dirt and grime hit their eyeballs, and smell the intoxicating scent of gasoline, they’re gonna want to make love right there, right then.

7. A giftcard to Long John Silver’s

A Valentine's Day greeting card with a pop-up heart.
Photo by Michelle Leman on Pexels.com

You love fast food. You love sea food. You love fictional pirate characters. Why not combine the three loves of your life with the love of your life?

Well, that’s all I got.

If you don’t like any of these ideas, I don’t know what to tell you. Just get some chocolate and flowers again like everyone else.

Also, if your lover doesn’t like any of these gifts, then they’re obviously not the lover for you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

P.S.: If any of these companies are reading this and would like to sponsor me, please comment below. (I’m talking to you Long John Silver’s. I’ve got a treasure trove of seafood and pirate related content just waiting to be published.)

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