28 Side Hustles to Earn Some Extra Cash


If you’re looking to supplement your income or explore your passions, and you have some extra time on your hands, perhaps it’s time to pick up a side hustle (also known as a side gig or side job). There are many money-making opportunities available to you in this economy. Some of these opportunities are so easy to get involved with: all you need to do is download an app.

Whatever your skillset, there is a profitable side hustle to match. If you need some ideas, read on.

  1. Become a Lyft and/or Uber driver.
  2. Deliver takeout and groceries in your area with Doordash.
  3. Become a personal shopper with Instacart.
  4. Got a knack for home repair, cleaning, or running errands? Become a Tasker with TaskRabbit.
  5. Turn your backyard into a rentable dog park with Sniffspot.
  6. Got a creative mind? Sell your items on Etsy.
  7. Rent out a room on Airbnb.
  8. Start an at home bakery.
  9. Start a blog.
  10. Create videos on Youtube or TikTok.
  11. Offer tutoring services online.
  12. Dog walking.
  13. Petsitting.
  14. Babysitting.
  15. Grandma sitting.
  16. Grandpa sitting.
  17. Join a pyramid scheme.
  18. Start a lemonade stand and compete with the neighborhood children. (“Out of the way, Timmy, this is my block!”)
  19. Put a jumpy house in your backyard and charge admission to the neighborhood children. (It’s a proven fact: kids can’t resist a jumpy house.)
  20. Find free furniture on the side of the road and sell it online. (Be sure to inspect all the nooks and crannies for illegal items such as drugs and dead bodies).
  21. Become a busker. Don’t play an instrument or know how to sing? No problem! Think hard about whatever random talents you may possess. Perhaps you have a disjointed thumb, can do that threefold thing with your tongue, or can turn your eyelid inside out. Simply stand on a busy street corner, set a dusty old hat on the ground in front of you, and display your talents to the world for some spare change!
  22. Become an escort.
  23. Participate in clinical trials. (But don’t blame me if you try a new drug and end up sprouting gills or something. Actually, if that happens, you should totally let me know which drug it was because then I could live out my Little Mermaid fantasy.)
  24. Scour garage sales and thrift stores for potentially valuable items and sell them elsewhere for a higher profit. (If you get really good perhaps you’ll get your own show on The History Channel. They’ll call it: “Garage Gal”, “Thrift Thot”, or maybe “Hoarder Ho”.)
  25. Sell one of your kidneys (double check to make sure you have two to begin with.)
  26. Start a papaya monopoly: purchase all papayas within a 70 mile radius and then set up a papaya stand right at the epicenter called “The Papaya Papa” and sell each papaya for a small fortune.
  27. Develop a gambling addiction.
  28. Pretend that your niece/nephew, daughter/son, second cousin twice removed, etc. has cancer and set up a GoFundMe to help pay for their “treatments”.

Do you have a side hustle? Drop a shameless plug in the comments below!

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