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Woman Trades Voice to Sea Witch for a Beach Body, Becomes a Mermaid Instead

“At least I’m like a hot Ariel mermaid, and not one of those ugly grey fishy things from Harry Potter.”

Woman Banned from Intellectual Café for Reading Fifty Shades of Grey

Café Bibliothèque, the trendy coffee shop located in a former slaughterhouse, is know for its community of artists, philosophers, and intellectuals. One stipulation for patrons? If you’re going to sip your java inside, you must have a real physical book with you. That’s right, tree-killers only. But it can’t be just any book. It has

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Celebrity Forgets to Post on International Women’s Day, Global Gender Gap Increases

As we all know, Monday March 8th marked an important global holiday: International Women’s Day. For well over a century, International Women’s Day has called attention to issues of gender inequality and praised women for their achievements. Though some might question the current need for this annual holiday, one need only to view the World

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